How can I submit preliminary project version for review?

You can submit the preliminary version of your project to official e-mail of Alimpex company info@alimpex.rs. A member of our engineering team will contact you for further consultations as soon as possible.

How to choose the optimal system and glass configuration depending on the project requirements?

Engineering team of Alimpex company is ready to provide professional help and support for selection of optimal systems and glass configuration, depending on your needs and project requirements.

Which factors should be considered when selecting a system according to project requirements?

When selecting a system according to project requirements, you should consider the following factors:

  • Key aspects of construction area (climatic zone and type of area)
  • Type of building (residential or commercial)
  • Position of glass surfaces installation (ground floor, number of building floors, height)
  • Total glazed area
  • Position type (interior or exterior)

Which are the least expensive windows and doors in you offer?

Price of our products directly depends on project requirements. So, it is possible that our least expensive systems do not fulfil project requirements in terms of statics, thermal exchange, aesthetics, opening type etc. After agreeing on adequate solution which can fulfil your needs and meet the project requirements, we will send you an official Offer which includes several solutions and possibilities.

Do your products meet the requirements in terms of soundproofing?

We guarantee that our products fully comply with soundproofing requirements. Level of soundproofing directly depends on the type of system, type of glass and proper installation.

Do your products meet the requirements in terms of waterproofing?

All products in our range comply meet the requirements of all climatic conditions and areas. Testing and objective evidence from many years of use show that all our systems are waterproof and in accordance with requirements of SRPS and EN standards.

Can you provide us heat exchange specifications for your products?

Our engineering team will provide you heat exchange calculations for each specific position on your object depending on the selected system and type of glass and your project requirements.

Which colours from RAL colour palette are available?

Entire RAL colour palette is available, as well as a number of colours with special effects. Our expert team will help you choose the right colours.

Is price of the system and product installation included in your offer?

Professional and proper installation of systems and products is a specific element of our offer which includes installation price depending on the project requirements and scope of work.

Which types of fire doors you manufacture?

Alimpex company manufactures glazed and full aluminium fire doors and sells steel fire doors of Italian manufacturer Dierre. Depending on individual needs of clients and the Main fire protection project requirements, all fire doors can be equipped with various accessories.

Can security alarms be installed to your systems?

Our systems allow the possibility of installing security alarms and complete installation of systems for smart houses.

How do you determine delivery deadlines for your products?

Delivery deadlines directly depend on project requirements, selected system, construction/reconstruction schedule and are determined for each project individually.