Spider glass facade

Spider glass facade in accordance with EN 12600 standard

Due to its visual attractiveness, special spider glass facades are commonly used on representative office buildings, hotels, airports and administrative buildings.

Technology used to fix glass panels includes use of special roller supports, made of polished stainless steel, on the basic structure, which allows for great freedom in terms of architectural design and development of final solutions. Glass, both single glazed and thermal, is connected to the structure by special stainless steel fixers, used to fixate the glass at four, six or more points. Fixing points for glass include both fixed and sliding points because of the thermal dilatation caused by temperature changes.

Glass panels are installed without additional vertical and horizontal profiles on the outer side of the facade. Glass panels are connected by special structural silicone highly resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation.

Special spider glass facade provides maximum daylight for building interior, as well as possibility of placing large glass surfaces which are not separated by supporting profiles and glass panels of various shapes.