Company overview

Alimpex company was founded on 14th November 1994. Head office of the company is located in Novi Banovci, the Republic of Serbia. Main business activity of Alimpex company includes production of aluminium and PVC structures – glass facades, ventilated facades, doors and windows, sanitary and office partitions, as well as fire doors.

Due to modern architectural trends and market demands in terms of design, quality of materials, functionality and energy efficiency, the implementation of the latest technological achievements into production process has become a priority for Alimpex company. Use of top engineering, certified systems and high-quality materials, which are in compliance with the highest international quality standards, are the basis of the company business policy.

Business process of Alimpex company fully comply with the requirements of implemented standards ISO 9001 Quality System Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management system. Entire manufacturing programme includes products with valid warranty, as well as possibility of maintenance service for products both within and outside the warranty period.