Fire doors

Main role of fire doors is protection of people and property, as well as prevention of fire spreading to other parts of the building. Pursuant to applicable Law on Fire Protection, fire doors must be flame resistant and non-toxic.

Alimpex company offers fire doors made of materials of world-renowned manufacturers, as well as steel doors of renowned Italian manufacturer Dierre in accordance with safety and fire protection standards.

Production of aluminium fire doors means manufacturing of glazed aluminium doors with 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes fire resistance, in different sizes, depending on the request of customers and investors. Aluminium fire doors are manufactured in accordance with applicable European standards EN 1191 and 1634.

Sales and assembly of steel fire doors of renowned Italian manufacturer Dierre includes distribution of fully or partially glazed steel doors with 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes fire resistance. Dierre steel fire doors are certified in accordance with Italian standard UNI 9723 and guarantee for quality, safety and exclusive design.

According to applicable safety measures provided by fire prevention regulations, fire doors must be installed in all public or private buildings, such as hospitals, schools, banks, bus and train stations, industrial buildings, etc.

The following types of doors with standard “outward” opening system are available:

  • Single sliding fire doors
  • Double sliding fire doors

Additional options for fire doors:

  • Automatic closing system in case of fire
    Applied in highly frequent rooms (hospitals, schools, hotels, etc). On the basis of the system door leafs (single or double, turn or sliding), they are constantly in open position to ensure safe passage, as well as automatic and proper closing depending on user’s need or in the event of fire alarm.
  • Access control
    The main request in terms of installation of access control systems to fire doors on secured premises is that primary function of fire doors is unhindered. Access control to secure rooms can be placed on one side or on both sides.
  • Anti-panic mechanism
    Anti-panic mechanism prevents passing through doors from the locked side, i.e. provides free passage of people during evacuation on the side of anti-panic mechanism.