Office partitions

Office screens or office partitions are made of aluminium profiles without thermal break. Office partitions are very practical and exclusive solution for organization of work space without any construction works. Beside elegant and modern design, basic characteristic of office partitions is good soundproofing (34 - 45 dB).

Office screens or partitions include demountable types of partitions with visible horizontal and vertical profiles or with horizontal aluminium profiles only. Our offer includes 100m aluminium profiles with zinc plated steel structure of modern design and chipboard coated with melamine, with parts of glass with anodized or aluminium frame, 4 mm thick, doors with anodized or aluminium frame and glass leaves or connected chipboard panels. Several architectural designs, such as placement of electrical installation and lights, as well as venetian blinds or foils on glass frames, can be implemented at the request of customers and investors. Different opening systems are available to customers and investors, depending on their individual request, such as inwards, outwards opening and folding system.

Office partitions are made in different sizes and for different spaces within existing inner walls and according to requests of customers, in order to create healthy and comfortable working environment.